Who We Are

We have dynamic and amazing interactions with everyone making it a crazy family under Equator MediaTech.

We promote a positive environment and we work with people who are positive to handle any situation

We aim to create delightful creative experiences with our dynamic media team as well as put in black and white, "anything for you". In this madhouse members don’t “just do their work” but they “love doing their work” too.

We have a great enthusiastic tech team and we call it OneRoof Technologies (ort_)! That literally means all technology services combined under OneRoof!

Our Mission

We aspire to be the market leader in helping businesses and entrepreneurs with simple, innovative, creative and efficient deliverables.

Services We Provide

Youth Academy

With enthusiasm and fun we don’t just work but also polish the efficiencies of our juniors and interns. While giving each and everyone a learning experience we are also advancing ourselves with youth and time.

Work Culture

We are all young enthusiasts, who are here to make a difference and that starts with our work culture; loud noise, friendly environment and much more. We eat together, code together, laugh together and GROW together.

Our Team

Vineet Rai


Kenil Jain


Smit Lalai


Amit Pal


Chintan Shah


Siddharth Panditpautra


Sohil Chheda


Person Name


What our clients say

Equator MediaTech is a very dynamic agency. Not only are they needful to our needs but also give us a lot of added leverage due to their adept understanding of our industry.
Equator MediaTech has helped my company to elevate itself in its media segment. They have prolific ideas which helps in greater efficiency. Wishing them all the success ahead.
For me, Equator MediaTech is all about one creative team of Equator MediaTech. I love them for their innovative skills. We have had multiple associations so far and it has always been wonderful. I look forward for many such associations with them.
I and the Equator MediaTech team get along very well. they have a great, noble imagination and I simply love working together with him.
Equator MediaTech is a great platform for talented individuals who are seeking to do creative work in unison with a very cordial and professional set up.
Equator MediaTech provides a gamut of services which are very effective. Their approach towards their work is constructive, wholesome and very satisfying.
We associate Equator MediaTech. We have enjoyed our experience in working together on multiple shows.