Engagement / proposal video

A video documenting how one person proposes to his or her partner. An engagement / proposal video is usually filmed without the other person's knowledge in order to capture the other person's genuine reaction & surprise.

Invitation DVD

Some invitation printers will include a DVD in a slot in the printed invitation. The DVD shows the couple and/or the parents on camera inviting viewers to the wedding and reception.

Photo montage (also called
video scrapbooks)

Includes but is not limited to still pictures displayed on a video. Can also include sound bites and video footage, but is predominantly still photos.

Love story

Traditionally an interview of the soon to be couple about how they met, what they are like together and what their plans for the future are. Quite often the interview is inter-cut with romantic footage of the couple frolicking together or re-enactments of what they are talking about.

Concept video

Typically a short film that incorporates to tell a story about the bride or groom or both. Quite often not related to the couple's real life.

Same day edit (also called a wedding day edit, sometimes abbreviated as SDE). A short video (usually 3 to 5 minutes) produced from the footage of the wedding shot earlier in the day, usually incorporating footage from pre-ceremony (getting ready), ceremony, photoshoot, reception entrance and first dance, which is then showed near the end of the reception (usually prior to the bride & groom speeches) as a recap of the wedding. It is also possible to incorporate footage shot prior to the wedding in the same day edit.

Next day edit (sometimes abbreviated as NDE) A next day edit is similar in concept as a Same Day Edit, except it is made overnight to be played the next day. A next day edit is a short video (usually 3 to 5 minutes) produced from the footage captured during the day, edited over night, to be played the next day. It is quite common to see Next Day Edit videos in South Asian weddings where there are multiple days of events. A wedding can have the ceremony take place on Saturday and have a Next Day Edit video played during the reception on Sunday evening.

Bridal elegance

A video shot in the style of a fashion shoot that depicts the bride in her wedding gown. Can be done before, during or after the wedding.


A wedding highlight video is usually a 3 to 12 minutes video/short film that highlights the best moments of the wedding day. A highlight video can be edited in Non-linear or Linear fashion. A linear highlight video is a highlight video that shows the sequence of the day in chronological order. A non-linear highlight video focus on story telling, thus, footage & speeches are sometimes shown out of chronological order to tell an engaging story. Is quite common to share highlight video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks to family and friends. The shorter highlight video is quite often popular for showing to friends, while immediate family members and close friends might want watch the full-length wedding video.

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